Who is Oz-Chill Refrigerants?


Oz-Chill Refrigerants is a world-leading supplier of natural hydrocarbon refrigerants. Oz-Chill’s hydrocarbon refrigerants are Energy Efficient, Environmentally Safe and Manufactured to the Highest Standard, making them ideal for your design or retrofit needs. Our range of naturally occurring hydrocarbon refrigerants are organic and nontoxic, and they have no ozone depleting properties and minimal global warming potential—therefore making Oz-Chill the natural, green choice.

Oz-chill’s range of high purity and blended refrigerants are used for all types of air conditioning and refrigeration systems, including domestic, commercial and industrial.

Our range consists of high purity R600a, R290 and specially designed blends of OZ-30, OZ-40 and OZ-50 for use in all types of air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Benefits of using Oz-Chill’s Hydrocarbon Refrigerants include:

What Can You Expect From Oz-Chill’s Natural Refrigerants?

When you use Oz-Chill’s Hydrocarbon refrigerants to replace chemical refrigerants like HCFC’s or HFC’s, you can expect the following benefits:

  • •    Receive savings from 10% up to 35% in power consumption.
  • •    Carefully formulated to embody the best thermodynamic properties; leading to high energy efficiency.
  • •    Guaranteed to lower the operating discharge pressures on your system’s compressor.
  • •    Guaranteed to reduce the overall temperature of your system.
  • •    Guaranteed to reduce wear and tear; therefore reducing repairs and maintenance costs.
  • •    Guaranteed up to 99% refined purity.
  • •    Noncorrosive
  • •    100% Eco-friendly.
  • •    ZERO ozone depletion potential.
  • •    Minimal (3) Global Warming Potential.

For Use by Qualified Personnel Only!

Why Should I Make the Switch to Oz-Chill Hydrocarbon Refrigerant?

There Are Massive Power Savings To Be Had!


Switching to Oz-Chill Hydrocarbons will help you reduce your power bills! By usingnatural refrigerants in place of old chemical refrigerants like HCFC’s or HFC’s, you’ll save between 10% and 40% by means of unparalleled efficiency. Hydrocarbon Refrigerants are 50% more effcient conductors of heat than Chemical/Fluorocarbon Refrigerants, which means that your system will consume less energy to function optimally. Also, you only need approximately 35%-50% the original charge of our Hydrocarbon Refrigerants to maximize your system’s functionality. Take matters into your own hands and save more by choosing Oz-Chill’s Hydrocarbon Refrigerants.

It’s The Greener Alternative


Replace your old chemical refrigerants with Hydrocarbon Refrigerants from Oz-Chill and help us care for the environment.Everyday, we pave roads toward a cleaner,brighter future by providing the world with environmentally friendly refrigerants used in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. When you choose natural refrigerants, you are choosing energy efficient and environmentally safe alternatives designed to replace chemical refrigerants that possess harmful, ozone depleting and/or global warming properties. Help us say no to global warming and choose the natural, eco-friendly alternative: Hydrocarbon Refrigerants.

Highly Compatible


Oz-Chill Hydrocarbon Refrigerant is compatible with the majority of common refrigerant materials including elastomer, plastic and metal components, lubricants,seals, gaskets hoses compressors and o-rings. Mineral Oil (MO) or Polyakylene Glycol (PAG) are the preferred lubricant oils.

There Is Less Wear and Tear On Your Equipment

Lower Cost

In general, hydrocarbon refrigerants are 50% more efficient conductors of heat than chemical refrigerants, and their operating pressures are approximately 20% lower. A combination of these lower operating discharge pressures and a reduction of the operating temperature within a system’s compressor reduce the compressor’s workload, there by extending the life span of your equipment and keeping wear and tear at bay.

Higher Quality, Purity and Consistency

Lower Cost

Our products are produced from refrigerant grade hydrocarbons 99% plus (the highest purity grade possible) This means that there are virtually no impurities.Other hydrocarbons may have impurities that can impact the vapour pressure of the refrigerant, therefore lowering overall system efficiency. This can also cause corrosion and could react with system components. With Oz-Chill you know you will always receive the highest quality product.

NO Carbon Tax

Lower Cost

Because Hydrocarbons are Natural Refrigerants with zero Ozone depletion and just 3 Global Warming Potential (GWP), they are not taxed in Australia.HFC refrigerants are taxed based on their GWP, for example, HFC R410a has a high GWP of 1,890. Therefore not only are Oz-Chills refrigerants environmentally safe, but also a much cheaper alternative. Which makes them much cheaper to purchase.

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Why Oz-Chill

  • Better Value - No Carbon Tax
  • Easy Retrofit Option
  • No Bottle Deposit or Rental
  • Reduces Power Consumption
  • Reduces Head Pressures
  • Highest Quality and Purity Hydrocarbon
  • Environmentally Safe
  • More efficient
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Power Savings Worth The Switch!

The customers were so happy with the power savings, theyasked to have their second unit quickly changed over to Oz-Chill Natural Refrigerant also.

Marco - Victoria

“Oz-Chill - You’veGot It Right!”

After our clients tried Oz-Chill’s Natural Refrigerant they said theyexperienced a signifi cant drop in head pressures, Higher effi ciency,Lower overall running costs,Quicker cooling, Lower cost for refrigerants as compared with other chemical refrigerant. One customer put it this way to me,“OZ Chill – you’ve got it right”

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“Better Efficiency, Reliable & Reduced Operating Cost!”

“OzChill responded very fast. They provided exactly what they said they would. I’m quite impressed. Everything happened as they said. Better effi ciency, reliable, less cost and reduced operating cost! As a mechanic, I am 100% Satisfi ed with OZ-40. Thank you for the great service. My clients are extremely happy. I recommend it to everyone!”

Andrew, NSW

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